Video Backgrounds and Weeping Angels


The 95th Articulate Heroes eLearning Challenge was a popular one; incorporating a video background to a eLearning sample.  This had the potential of being a particularly fun challenge.


angelI scoured the internet looking at various websites offering free video clips until I found one at  that spoke to me.  It was a time lapse of an angel statute with clouds moving behind it.  As soon as I saw it I was reminded of a particularly spooky episode of Dr. Who entitled “Blink”.  If you don’t watch Dr. Who, or if haven’t seen that episode yet, I highly recommend it.  I know people who are not into Dr. Who at all, but loved that particular show.  Go ahead and find it online, I’ll wait, or at least watch the trailer here.

After downloading the clip, I changed my mind when I realized that only a select few people who viewed my sample would understand the reference.  Not wanting to hunt through videos again, I gazed at the clip pondering what subject matter would lend itself well to the imagery.  I had to admit, it was a little creepy.  Eureka!  I had an idea.


I formatted the slide to be 720 x 400 to fit the size of the angel video clip.  I crafted a suitable logo in Illustrator and found some appropriately unsettling music for free online at


This is the result.  It’s a little dark, but I’m hoping people will enjoy the humour in it, as I do.