Two Truths, One Lie

Title 2 Truths 1 LieThis week, our challenge was a quick, fun, ice-breaker assignment.  Members of the Articulate community are getting to know each other better by building an elearning interaction using a two truths and one lie format about ourselves and having others guess which statement is a lie.  It’s strange, but so far, I seem to be scoring better with the people that I don’t know well, rather than those that I’ve known online for years.

My jumping off point was the font that I selected.  Because I wanted to create a fun interaction, I chose Dr.Soos font from DaFont.  I then used bright reds, yellows, blues and greens for my design to continue with the Dr. Seuss look and feel.  I added some fun animations and sound effects to round out my effort.  I can’t post many pictures of this one, as it will give away the answers.  Discover all my dark secrets here and let me know how you did.