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This week’s mission was to make creative elearning buttons using toggles, switches and slides.  I knew this subject had a lot of potential for elearning fun!


I find that sometimes the best ideas come from people who are totally removed from the task.  I asked my son, Ryan what he thinks of when he thinks of an on and off switch and he said a light switch.  I’d already built a light switch for a past challenge and Kevin Thorn’s example for this challenge was the same, so I asked him to think of another idea.  “The tv on and off switch,” was his next suggestion.  Perfect; I had my inspiration.


I imported videos of tv shows using Premiere Pro, now if I only knew how to use it.  I got a crash course on combining and editing film clips from my son, Brandon.  I’m so glad that he is so knowledgeable about the software and the process.  I drew the remote and the hand in Illustrator, added sound effects, motion paths and a bunch of triggers.

toggleimageTHE OUTCOME

I originally had the whole project on one slide, but was having some difficulties synchronizing the hand animation with the channel changes.  I overcame this by putting the motion path (the hand and remote movement) on the first slide and the videos and triggers on a second slide.   The final product operates as I envisioned it, I hope you enjoy it.


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