SlideShare Your eLearning Challenge

I’m going to shorten my post this week as there was not a lot of techniques involved, nor any reason for long explanations.  Challenge #120 was to share an eLearning related presentation on SlideShare.  I’m sure that I made myself a SlideShare account years ago, but rarely used it.  I was racking my brain trying to guess what password I would have used.   Luckily, I didn’t have to guess because you can now sign into SlideShare by using your LinkedIn password.

I decided to post a small sample of my entries of my eLearning challenges.  The theme of this presentation was to celebrate my 79th challenge entry.

Some challenge participants noticed that their presentations looked different when posted on SlideShare.  For example, text and graphics moved around, or looked different than they were meant to look.  To prevent this, I laid out my presentation in PowerPoint and then converted it to a PDF.  When the PDF is uploaded to SlideShare, it prevents anything from moving out of place.

I also learned that you can easily post your SlideShare presentation into a WordPress site by clicking on the share button and pasting the listed WordPress shortcode into your blog.  Here’s my presentation: