Show Us Your Custom Navigation


Articulate’s latest eLearning Challenge is, Show Us Your Custom Navigation. This challenge was designed to get us to abandon the standard, linear, click next page routine and instead consider other navigation options.


I had recently seen a webpage that I liked that had nice menu animations with transparent shapes moving over images and I wanted to replicate that look.  All I needed was the right subject matter. Something bright and colourful would work.

When my son, Brandon is not in school, he is a photographer and videographer specializing in concert events.  He’s been looking for something that he could use as a virtual resume to showcase his work.  I knew what I wanted to build and he had the perfect content, it was eLearning development kismet!


Later, I will build out this interaction to include other menu items that my son wants to add, but for now I’m happy with the outcome of this sample interaction.
I would love to be given a project to work on that is as bright, colourful and glossy as this one is.  It’s a nice break from the linear navigation rut.  You can see the end result here.