A Player is Not Always a Bad Thing


Thanks to a hint tweeted earlier this week from David Anderson, I’ve completed this weeks challenge in record time.  The challenge is to create a customized elearning course player.


A few years ago I made a custom player for one of our clients.  Their logo was mostly a bright purple with a little white and gray thrown in the mix.  I made them three prototype players, one was grey, one was black and one was purple.  Although I was initially afraid that the purple would be too much and end up looking garish, I liked that version the best and the client agreed with me.


Originally, I made the player template by combining the client’s logo colours until I found a result that I liked.  Although I wanted to use their player template for this challenge, I didn’t want to use their logo without their permission.  My boss suggested that I use the Sacramento Kings logo instead, because it was the same colour palette as the original logo.  I added a team photo and a bit of animation and my challenge entry was complete.


Here is the finished player.  The colour is a little louder than I had anticipated, but I think it adds some excitement and works really well with the logo.