How are Your Pizza Skills?


Last weeks challenge was to make elearning specifically for the food and beverage industry.


I had a few different ideas of what I would build, but as time went on, I saw my ideas quickly completed by others.  There were examples of ice-cream making, sandwich and hamburger making, but the one thing I didn’t see a course on pizza making.  Eureka!  I had my idea.


I wanted the learner to make a specific pizza by adding toppings to a plain pizza.  I got images of the pizza and the toppings from the internet and used Photoshop to edit them.  I then made it into a drag and drop interaction.  I first tried changing the states of the toppings from the pieces that were dragged, to many pieces to cover an entire pizza.  I found that states didn’t work well for this, so next I tried layers.  There was a bit of playing around with it until I got it to work the way that I wanted.  Once I had the interactions working, I built the rest of the course around it.


Here’s the final interaction, it not only looks delicious, it will help you to build a better pizza!