Madame Irina Knows JavaScript


This week’s eLearning Challenge was using JavaScript in Articulate Storyline.  I haven’t used JavaScript, except for one project that had a print button.  However, I really enjoy entering these more difficult challenges because I find that I learn a lot and it pushes me creatively.


I read through a list of common Javascript functions and decided that I would use the random command.  This was appealing to me because I know that that can be used that to simulate a dice roll for online games, which is something that I’d like to try.  I then tried to think of some scenario that would require the use of the random function.  First I thought of a daily horoscope, I could enter a several forecasts and have JavaScript randomly select one.  Then when I began to think about what imagery I could use, I decided that I’d use a fortune teller instead.


I found the perfect image of a fortune teller and I looked through YouTube and found a Russian tarot card reader who had a great accent that I used for my fortune teller.  I made 7 audio clips of her predictions that would randomly be chosen when the viewer clicked on a doorway on the first slide.  I have an old version of Crazy Talk software that I used to animate my still photo of the gypsy.  I added a transparent image to the crystal ball to coincide with each prediction.  I also used JavaScript to display the current date at the top of the screen.


Here’s what I ended up with, I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be for a novice like me to use JavaScript, but I found that it wasn’t as hard to do as I anticipated.  It’s another tool that I can add to my elearning kit.   I’m sure that JavaScript will open up some new creative possibilities for me in the future.