Is it Destiny? Find out with the Love Meter

In honour of Valentine’s Day, this week’s eLearning Challenge was to design an interactive graphic, demo or activity featuring a Valentine’s Day theme.


I was originally thinking of creating some kind of a wacky Dating Game scenario.  Then, for some reason I starting thinking of the movie, “Big” and the fortune telling machine that was responsible for Tom Hanks transformation.  From there I thought about devices used to predict if people are a love match and the Love Meter was born.


This interaction is a result of sliders, variables, layers, and multiple triggers.  My fingers still hurt from the memory, I needed a trigger for each possible combination of the 12 astrological signs.  I found an astrological chart online that listed all of the astrological signs and indicated which were the best matches. I used this information to set my triggers. I found an image of a meter online and drew it in Storyline.  Because the gauge had curves in it, and the basic shapes in Storyline don’t allow for much fine tuning, I thought it ended looking like a five year old drew it.  I scrapped that attempt and moved on to Illustrator.  I moved the gauge’s needle in each of it’s different positions on the layers to correspond with the meter’s feedback.



When I first started making this interaction, I knew what I wanted the final outcome to be, but I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to get there.  That’s what I like doing with Storyline, having an end vision in mind and then figuring out the best way to achieve it.


It’s just a fun interaction, but I’m pleased with the outcome and I learned a lot while making this. Best of all, those many triggers earned this interaction a place on the Articulate eLearning Examples page and I can’t complain about that!  Here is a link to the Storyline file so that you can have a look at the file yourself and better understand how it was made.