Big Tips and Branching Scenarios


Our latest Articulate challenge is to develop a branching elearning scenario.  I like this challenge for two reasons; I love building elearning that includes scenarios, as I believe that learners are more likely to remember lessons learned when they are put into a situation resembling one that they will encounter in their job.  The second reason that I like this challenge is that I previously built a sample course that fits the bill nicely and gives me time to finish last weeks challenge.


I love Cathy Moore’s blog and I always find myself going through her courses several times just to see what will happen if I choose a different option.  While looking through her blog a few years ago, she described a scenario that I really liked and wanted to build out into an elearning sample. The scenario is meant to teach servers how to correctly carry heavy items a tray.  What I like the most about the scenario is that the learner not only makes a choice, but then must justify why they made that decision.


I found some useable images of a waitress on and added her to a drag and drop interaction.  I threw in a few sound effects and voila, my sample was made.  My favourite part of this interaction was creating something that resembled spilling coffee.  I found an image of splashing water and coloured, rotated and edited it in Photoshop.


Here is my scenario.  My hope is that you’ll try all the different options, even if you get the correct answer on your first try.

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